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[iaik-jce] SecureRandom

According to the SUN JCA documentation, if I get an instance of a
java.security.SecureRandom, and then set the seed in the PRNG via the
SecureRandom.setSeed() method, I can bypass the laborious thread timing
algorithm the Sun JCA uses to randomize the seed generator.

I have two questions with respect IAIK-JCE and IAIK-SSL in this regard:

1. If I get an instance of a SecureRandom and set the seed as above, will IAIK's
use of SecureRandom respect the seed generator I have initialized SecureRandom
with (in particular, will IAIK's calls to SecureRandom.getInstance(), if indeed
there are any instances, bypass the thread timing algorithm?

2. Must I seed *every* SecureRandom, by algorithm type and provider, or is there
a way to seed SecureRandom once and have every subsequent call to
SecureRandom.getInstance (including those from within IAIK-JCE/SSL) respect the
seed I have initialized SecureRandom with.

I'm looking for blanket speedup at initialization, perhaps at the expense of

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