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Re: [iaik-jce] SMIME time problem !!!!

As Peter Lipp alreay has said, the SMimeMapper would be the right choice for
your application. Although iaik-smime is based on the PKCS#7 stream
implementation of the IAIK-JCE crypto toolkit, the Java Mail API processes a
message twice, the first time for determime the required content transfer
encoding, and the second time for actually sending the message.

Dieter Bratko

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From: Peter Lipp <Peter.Lipp@iaik.at>
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Sent: Monday, October 04, 1999 5:37 PM
Subject: AW: [iaik-jce] SMIME time problem !!!!

> I'm actually using the IAIK_SMIME lib in order to make a SMTP/POP3 proxy
> that cypher & uncypher mails
> between a Mail client (such as Netscape or Outlook) & a Mail server
> (such as Exchange, PostOffice or Netscape Mail Server) !
For speed comparison, you might try our SMime-Mapper (which does <exactly>
what you are planning to do!).

> Are IAIK & JavaMail libs able to process mail message through streams ?
> (bloc/bloc) !
The constructors of our S/Mime classes take streams in their constructors.
If you use memory for creation of the messages memory does grow dramatically
and speed is an issue. We have realized that and therefore the stream
implementation is available.

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