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[iaik-jce] java.security.spec.EncodedKeySpec

The java.security.spec.EncodedKeySpec class in the jdk11x_update.jar with
IAIK-JCE2.51 appears to have the wrong constructor.  According to the JDK 1.2
javadoc documentation, EncodedKeySpec should take a byte array in the sole
public constructor:


(Apologies if my mailer wrapped the URL; it should be one line with no spaces)

But using the javap interface tool, it appears there is only a default
constructor for this class:

prompt% echo $CLASSPATH
prompt% javap java.security.spec.EncodedKeySpec
Compiled from java/security/spec/EncodedKeySpec
public abstract synchronized class java.security.spec.EncodedKeySpec extends
java.lang.Object implements java.security.spec.KeySpec
    /* ACC_SUPER bit set */
    public abstract byte getEncoded()[];
    public abstract java.lang.String getFormat();
    public java.security.spec.EncodedKeySpec();


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