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[iaik-jce] using JCE library with Netscape (newbie question)

I'm sorry to bother you with such silly questions, but I'm trying to use
my applet with Netscape...

On the appletviewer everything works fine, then I've compressed my class
files in a jar file (signed) and Netscape can't see the files from your
libraries. How can I do? Should I extract the needed class files from
your libraries and include them in my jar file? (but what files are

I'm trying to tell to the browser where to find the library class files
in this way:

<applet code="CryptingApplet9.class"
width=400 height=700> </applet>

but it doesn't work...

every jar file is in the html file directory.

Please help me....

Riccardo Conturbia
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