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Re: [iaik-ssl] [Fwd: [iaik-jce] PKCS#7 compatibility problem.]

>  I have done a program using SSLeay to verify PKCS#7 objects in PEM
> format and extract the contents of such objects. This works pretty well
> J/Crypto
> toolkit from Baltimore but I can't make it work with IAIK toolkit and I
> followed the SignedData example using the PemOutputStream. I am using
> the JCE
> Applet Edition, latest version (downloaded 3 day ago).

Please give some more information about this problem. Where does the error
occur, and what kind of error is it? Does it occur when creating the
SignedData and writing it out? Or when parsing a PKCS#7 object? Do you deal
with a pure SignedData, or - as usually - is it wrapped into a ContentInfo?

> Another thing that worries me a bit is a problem that ocurred in the
> mailing
> list (Ismael Blesa) with a PKCS#7 object that, from what I could
> understand, has
> to be dealt with a different approach. I have already understood that
> with
> PKCS#7 objects you can put the data inline or outside, with the PKCS#7
> serving
> in the last case as a signature "provider". Which differences between
> different
> formats can occur besides this one ?

What mail of Ismael Blesa do you mean.
A ContentInfo may have no content field. The content of a SignedData object
is presented as a ContentInfo. If it does not include the content field,
only the content type of the content is specified, and the content has to be
transmitted by other means (see RFC 2315). Within IAIK-JCE this is called
"explicit" mode. It is, for instance, used for multipart/signed S/MIME
messages. For actual transmission, usually the SignedData itself is wrapped
into a ContentInfo.

Dieter Bratko

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Hi to all.

  I'm sorry if you receive this mail duplicate but I haven't found
any answers on this subject. We need to know this because we are
evaluating Java toolkits and in particular IAIK toolkit.

  Any help will be necessary.

Best regards,
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