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[iaik-jce] Key and certificate reading (Made with OpenSSL.)

I am trying to read a dsa private key and certificate pair for using them
in isasilk. Both of them are created with the openssl tool. The best I can get
when I try to read them in PKCS#8 format, but I get the following

java.security.GeneralSecurityException: Unable to parse decrypted private key:
+java.security.InvalidKeyException: PublicKey algorithm not implemented:
        at iaik.pkcs.pkcs8.EncryptedPrivateKeyInfo.decrypt(Unknown Source)

with the following code:

setKey((new EncryptedPrivateKeyInfo(asn1object)).decrypt(password));


java.io.IOException: Unable to decode certificate:
+java.security.cert.CertificateException: PublicKey algorithm not implemented:
        at iaik.utils.KeyAndCertificate.<init>(Unknown Source)


KeyAndCertificate kac = new KeyAndCertificate(filename);

There was the following in the class:

static {

Ilpo Nyyssönen
/* :-) */
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