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Re: [iaik-jce] Provider "IAIK" not found

Sorry if I wasn't clear.

iaik.utils.Util.loadClass("iaik.security.provider.IAIK",true)  ALWAYS
returns true.
No exception is being thrown for that method.

So why does addAsProvider(), a method of the same class (in all editions of
the libraries), throwing NoSuchMethod ?

It's either a bug in Util (seems likely) and/or a bug in IAIK.

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To: Robert Semenoff <r.semenoff@worldnet.att.net>;
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Date: Thursday, August 05, 1999 2:23 AM
Subject: Re: [iaik-jce] Provider "IAIK" not found

The loadClass() method cannot return anything without the iaik_jce_ae.jar
file present because the Utils class is contained in that JAR file! If it
does you still have some other IAIK JAR file in your CLASSPATH.

Again, you can only either use the standard edition or the applet
edition, all JAR files used have to be from the same release, and you
should not have the JAR files of any other release or edition in your

Andreas Sterbenz              mailto:Andreas.Sterbenz@iaik.tu-graz.ac.at

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An: Andreas Sterbenz <Andreas.Sterbenz@iaik.tu-graz.ac.at>;
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 04. August 1999 22:14
Betreff: Re: [iaik-jce] Provider "IAIK" not found

> OK, but the following code does work  :
> iaik.utils.Util.loadClass("iaik.security.provider.IAIK",true);
> IAIK p=new IAIK();
> iaik.security.provider.IAIK.getMd5();
> the loadClass function is returning true (even without the
> present, incidentally - a bug?),
> the IAIK constructor,and the call to the static function getMd5() are
> executing with no exceptions,
> so why would iaik.security.provider.IAIK.addAsProvider be throwing
> NoSuchMethodError ?
> BTW I am using the free evaluation version of the libraries. Does it
make a
> difference ?
> Thanks,
> Robert

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