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Re: [iaik-jce] Information about Certificate types

> When using IAIK for importing a certificate into Netscape, you have to
> create a PKCS#12 file from your Certificate and PrivateKey, write it DER
> encoded to a file and subsequently import it into Netscape.
> See the PKCS12Create demo for an example on how to create a PKCS12 object
> from certificate and private key.


I am able to import file generated by iaik.demo.PKCS12Create (Wolfgang
Platzer's Test ID) directly into Netscape.  So it seems Netscape
recognizes PKCS12 format.

When you say "write it DER encoded to a file", I assume the 

	PKCS12.writeTo( java.io.OutputStream )

method writes the PKCS12 Object DER encoded, as per the PKCS#12 specification,

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