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[iaik-jce] Problems using getContentStream to access the raw data of an email

 <<test.java>>  <<test.mime>> 
Hi there!

I have got a problem using getContentStream to access the unparsed
content of an S/MIME email. The stream returned contains garbage instead
of the unparsed data. The attached files test.java and test.mime show
this problem. Is this a bug in the toolkit? Is there another way to
access the raw data?

I also had problems retrieving the SignedContent object from an email of
content-type application/pkcs7-mime instead of application/x-pkcs7-mime.
Aren't the newer content types application/pkcs7-mime and
application/pkcs7-signature supported by the S/MIME toolkit?

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<<< java/*;name="test.java": Unrecognized >>>