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[iaik-jce] Newbie question

    I am new to IAIK ssl and jce software. I am trying to use IAIK ssl
and jce to connect to an Apache WebServer having SSLeay implementation
of SSL.
    I created the keystore using iaik demo setupkeystore program. Then
when i try to connect with my https server, the following error messages
are shown.
    "Unable to get RSA certificate from keystore".
    the apache server selects
    as cipher suite but the ssl client (demo program) cannot extract and
send the required certificate for client authentication.
    While generating the keystore, it does generate the required  RSA

    Any clues on some possible setup problems? Do i need to install
something more OR check for anything?

    It seems that the iaik software encrypts the certificate before
storing it in the keystore. Is this true?
    Also, how do I use ssl jce and ssl api to build my own programs. Are
there any more sample applications available anywhere?
    Can I use iaik along with any other jce provider such as sun's java
keystore? How does one do that?

Thanks in advance.


Mandar R. Mangalvedhekar
Mahindra British Telecom
Integrity is telling myself the truth. And honesty is
telling the truth to other people

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