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[iaik-jce] KeyPairGenerator of ECDSA barfs on stdout/stderr

SigInit() alg:ECDSA, key:ECDSA.

The Elliptic Curve DSA KeyPairGenerator still barfs some debug lines 
on System.out AND System.err
It outputs something like this:

" + 1*x^8 - 1542*x^7 + 2427*x^6 - 1290*x^5 - 916*x^4 - 1290*x^3 +
 2427*x^2 - 1542*x + 1


This is since version 2.49, and still in version 2.51
If I remember correctly, the 2.0x versions had even some more text 
output stating that is was experimental etc...

Currently I do not have much use for ECDSA, but what I would like to 
see working is Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman, with the Oakley elliptic curve 
groups defined in RFC 2412.

Robert Luursema          R.Luursema@incaa.nl         Incaa Datacom b.v.
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