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[iaik-jce] Certificate


referring to my question about certificates two days ago I have to extend
the problem to be not able to read ANY kind of certificate at all

If I'm trying to read a PEM file in I get the mentioned message: too large
ASN.1 object:75. If I try to read a DER file (either created by OpenSSL
Tools or IAIK ) I get an NullPointerException when trying to create the
X509Certificate class. This is the code:

   X509Certificate[] rsa_cert = null;

  Security.insertProviderAt (new IAIK (), 1);

  InputStream fis = new FileInputStream("cert.der");
  rsa_cert[0] = new X509Certificate(fis);   <== here the exceptions occur

What do I have to do to read a certificate (I need it at the client side for
ClientAuthentication) if I do not want to use the KeyStore ? Or is this not

Any suggestons (Demo Sourcecode?) would be nice !!!!


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