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[iaik-jce] doubt about DualSignature Verifying

   I can not make out how it works as described on page 327 of SET Specification book 2,When the Merchant processes PReq,at step 2:
   C. Construct PI-TBS as the concatenation of HPIData from Step A
      and HOIData from Step B
   D. Create a signature with the SO operator using the cardholder
     cergiricate(parameter s),and PI-TBS from Step C(parameter t).
According the principle of digital signature ,I think the Step D
should be as following:
   D. Decrypt the PISignature with the public signature-key in cardholder certificate to get PI-TBS,compared it with the PI-TBS which is produced from Step C,if they are not equal,return an Error message with ErrorCode.......
   Is my understand right? If it is wrong ,is there anyone who can
explain this dualsignature verifying procedure to me?
   Thanks you in  advance!