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[iaik-jce] AlgorithmID

I made a certificate request to Netscape Certificate Server, by building
the SignedPublicKeyAndChallenge. I set the public key algorithm of
subjectPublicKeyInfo to iaik.asn1.structures.algorithmID.rsa.
When the certificate server receive the certificate request, it shows
the following response in the subjectPublicKeyInfo section:

Subject Public Key Info:
                Algorithm: UNKNOWN OBJECT IDENTIFIER
                oid contents:
                Public Key (DER):


Then I tryed to read the certificate issued with the following code:

iaik.x509.X509Certificate cert = new

where certFile contains the certificate issued in PEM format.

But I get the following exception:

java.security.cert.certificateException: Can't parse PublicKeyInfo.

Can you help about this problem? Can I make a certificate request to
Netscape Certificate Server in other ways?

Thank you in advance, Lucia

Lucia Bonelli
Engineering Ingegneria Informatica SpA
Laboratorio Ricerca & Sviluppo
Viale del Castro Pretorio, 116
00185 Roma Italia
Tel. +39 06 44741123

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