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Re: [iaik-jce] NetscapeP12.class & new JCE

david.sanchez@catalanaocci.es wrote:
>      In the previous version of the JCE, the NetscapeP12 class allows to extract
> the X509 Certificate of a .p12 file. In the new version, 2.5, this class do not
> exist, is posible to extract the X509 certificates from a .p12 file without this
> class?. I try to use the PKCS12 class but it seems that not is possible.
>      Somebody can help me?
>      Thanks
>      David

You should use the method "getCertificateBags()" from PKCS12 class.
This returns a CertificateBag[] array from which you can extract the 
certificates using "getCertificate()".


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