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Re: [iaik-jce] Hilfe für Visual Age 1.0 import

I think it is possible to *add* classes in the java.* tree, but you cannot
*replace* classes in that tree.  My experience is with VA 2.0, though.

However, you cannot use the IAIK JCE with VA, because there is no way to load
the 1.x.x update, which does replace "system" classes.  Last I heard the 1.2
version was not due out until at least June or July.

=Spencer Thomas (spencer@umich.edu)

Andreas Sterbenz wrote:

> Last time I heard Visual Age did not allow the user to add classes in the
> java.* tree, i.e. the jdk11x_update.jar for IAIK JCE. Unless this has
> been changed or there is a JDK 1.2 compatible version of Visual Age you
> will not be able to use the IAIK JCE Standard Edition. However, the
> Applet Edition may be an alternative as it does not add classes to java.*
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> > Hallo IAIK-JCE Team!!
> >
> > Bei mir gibt es Fehlermeldungen, wenn ich versuche die IAIK-JCE Klassen
> > in Visual Age for Java (IBM-Version 1.0) zu importieren. Gibt es da
> > bereits Erfahrung, wie ich dennoch zum Ziel komme?

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