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Re: [iaik-jce] Dependency of iSaSiLk2.5b1 classes onIAIK-JCE2.5b1 classes ?

> My question is : when will one want to use IAIK JCE as the crypto provider
> for iSaSiLk ?
Another question would be: when would one not want to use IAIK-JCE as the
crypto provider for iSaSiLk :-)

One reason would be if you are in the US and need to use the
RSA-implementation from RSA inc., because this is what they appear to
require you to do - at least until September next year.

>Is there any other default alternative "crypto provider"
> provided if one doesn't want to use JCE ? If yes, what are the advantages
> /disadvantages of using JCE vs the default crypto provider ?
We don't have much experience using iSaSiLk with other providers, for
obvious reasons. There should not be any problems doing so, theoretically,
and I would love to hear experiences of other users!

One thing we have found was that our implementations of crypto-algorithms
seem to be faster than those of other providers.

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