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[iaik-jce] Dependency of iSaSiLk2.5b1 classes on IAIK-JCE2.5b1 classes ?


Thanks for your reply, though it was very short. What I wanted to know was
this :
If one has to just use  iSaSiLk2.5b1, what are the classes where one has  to
be cautious, in your words "use IAIK JCE as the crypto provider for iSaSiLk"

Taking the url :
as ref, I have found that the connection with javax.crypto &
javax.crypto.interfaces appears at the following places :

A) 15 classes
1) there are 10 classes which inherit from javax.crypto.CipherSpi, 9 of them
in iaik.security like DES, RC2 etc, and 1 class RSACipher in iaik.pkcs.pkcs1

2) ||larly, there are 4 classes in iaik.security which derive from

3) ||larly, 1 class from javax.crypto.KeyAgreementSpi.

B) implementing javax.crypto i/f :
1) 2 classes PBEKey and PBEKeyBMP impl javax.crypto.SecretKey

C) implementing javax.crypto.interfaces i/f
1) 4 classes DHPrivateKey, RSAPrivateKey, DHPublicKey and RSAPublicKey impl
i/fs in javax.crypto.interfaces pkg.

My question is : when will one want to use IAIK JCE as the crypto provider
for iSaSiLk ? Is there any other default alternative "crypto provider"
provided if one doesn't want to use JCE ? If yes, what are the advantages
/disadvantages of using JCE vs the default crypto provider ?

Thanks in advance.



Andreas Sterbenz wrote:

> >If one has iSaSiLk2.5b1 jar files, is it, or rather when is it,
> >necessary to also have the IAIK-JCE2.5b1 jar files also ?
> If you want to use IAIK JCE as the crypto provider for iSaSiLk you need
> its classes, otherwise you don't.

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