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IAIK Product Bundles

We have now introduced a new bundle system which should make it easier for you to choose the right products for your needs. These bundles have now been created according to the different needs we experience when talking with our customers.

Nevertheless, you still have the flexibility to add any additional product to your chosen bundle in case you need one or more specific items.

Developer Licenses

Our IAIK product bundles and all add ons are available as a single developer or an unlimited developer version. You need developer licenses in relation to the number of developers working with your application. 1 developer = 1 single developer license, 2 developers = 1 single developer license + 1 additional license etc. An unlimited developer license allows you to have as many developers as you wish. See all toolkit prices here . Please also see our special reductions and freebies below !

Special Discounts

For free:

US/non-US Customers

The US version of IAIK-JCE SE does not include several algorithms because of their specific patent status in the US! This allows US customers a hassle-free usage of IAIK Java Security software without running the risk of infringing these patents. If you are authorized and wish to use IAIK-JCE including but not necessarily limited to RC5, RC6, ESDH, or IDEA, you may extend the standard JCE version by downloading the corresponding extension. However, when doing so, please be sure to confirm with the patent issues!

Please check our patent list which gives an overview about the patent situation of the algorithms implemented in IAIK-JCE.


Individual Export Licenses

For non-EU licensees we have to organise an individual export license (this does not apply to Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland (including Liechtenstein), United States of America). This procedure will last about four weeks, and we will need some documents from you. After your order we will contact you regarding the details. Then you will be asked to wait for the license. Only then we can bill you or charge your credit card!
Your customer details will be handled with care and will not be passed on to other parties except to the corresponding Austrian governmental office!

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