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Please read our notes regarding offers and orders of IAIK JCE toolkits and select the products you are interested in:

noneJCE SE
IAIK JCE Standard Edition
noneJCE CC
Common Criteria evaluated IAIK-JCE CC Core
noneiSaSiLk Bundle
SSL/TLS library for cryptographically protecting electronic data transfer and developing secure client/server applications.
(includes JCE and iSaSiLk)
noneS/MIME-CMS Bundle
Protects any kind of digital data cryptographically and secures electronic mail.
(includes JCE and S/MIME-CMS)
noneTSP Bundle
API for developing Time Stamp client/server applications according to the PKIX Time Stamp Protocol.
(includes JCE, S/MIME-CMS and TSP)
none[CP]AdES Bundle
Creates and verifies signed PDF documents according to ETSI standard TS 102 778 (PAdES) as well as CAdES signatures
according to ETSI standard TS 101 733. (includes JCE, S/MIME-CMS, TSP and [CP]AdES)
noneXSECT Bundle
XML signatures and XML encryption according to the XMLDSIG and XML Encryption W3C recommendations.
(includes JCE and XSECT)
noneXAdES Bundle
XML Advanced Electronic Signatures (XAdES) according to the ETSI TS 101 903 V1.4.2 (2010-12) Technical Specification.
(includes JCE, XSECT and XAdES)
noneDocument Security Bundle Simple
The simple-to-use version of our document security bundles. Provides a high-level access to our CMS/SMIME and XML Security libraries to offer a simple API for key management, digital signatures and encryption, supporting CMS, S/MIME and XML.
(includes JCE, S/MIME-CMS, XSECT and the High-Level API)
noneDocument Security Bundle Advanced
Comprehensive bundle for (advanced) signatures in CMS, XML- or PDF-format. Includes PKCS#11 library for supporting
cryptographic credentials on smart cards or other hardware modules.
(includes JCE, S/MIME-CMS, TSP, [CP]AdES, XSECT, XAdES and the PKCS#11-Provider)
noneWildcard Bundle
Includes all available IAIK libraries.
nonePKCS#11-Provider Add-On SE
IAIK PKCS#11-Provider Add-On Standard Edition
noneECCelerate Add-On SE
New high performance Elliptic Curve Library
noneOther Products
noneRuntime and Server Licenses
They can be purchased for any application using any IAIK Java Crypto Toolkit but can only be purchased by holders of single developer toolkit licenses.

Prices are subject to change without notice. All prices are given in EURO. Please note: By pressing the 'add to basket' button you confirm that you have read and understood our notes concering the web shop.

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