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HF RFID Demo Tag

The programmable RFID DemoTag can be used to emulate real RFID tags. The PCB consists of an antenna, the analogue front end and a programmable Atmel ATxmega256 microcontroller. Different interfaces to a computer allow to program additional functionality of the tag according the user's requirements. The HF DemoTag is a perfect tool to evaluate existing RFID applications or to build prototype systems that rely on tags with additional functionality which can be access via defined custom commands.


  • Programmable, battery-powered RFID tag (semi-passive)
  • Atmel ATxmega256 microcontroller
  • PCB antenna and analogue front end
  • Supports RFID protocols ISO 14443A, ISO 14443A-4, ISO 18000-3, and ISO 18092 (NFC Forum Tag Type 4), with data rates up to 106 kbit/s.
  • Analogue front end: carrier frequency 13.56 MHz, ASK modulation, load modulation
  • Applications:
    • Evaluation of security holes in RFID systems
    • Blocker tag
    • Custom commands for additional functionality
    • Prototype system development for RFID systems with additional tag functionality
  • Interfaces: RS232 over USB plug, JTAG, ISP
  • Direct power supply by the USB board or battery


1. HF RFID Demo Tag:

This package includes one IAIK demo tag board which is fully assembled and pre-programmed with the MultiTag software for the RFID standards mentioned above. Documentation is added (no schematic, no layout).

Content of the package:

  • 1 IAIK demo tag
  • PDF documentation files (including architecture and interface description)
  • Demo program files in HEX format for the demo tag to reprogram the tag
  • HF demo tag fully assembled, pre-programmed and tested
  • Limited source code example with libraries for CRC and RFID protocols for your own development of additional functionality, including documentation for developers
  • Code library for basic functionality low level protocols (Rowley Crossworks toolchain)

2. IAIK HF RFID Demo Tag Home Assembly Kit:

This package includes all information to build IAIK demo tags (documentation, schematic, layout, ...). Full source code for the microcontroller is NOT provided. The firmware of the tag is provided as a binary library and an example application is provided in full source code using the Rowley Crossworks IDE for AVR. Additionally, one sample demo tag is provided.

Content of the package:

  • PDF documentation of the board for construction
  • Boot loader application to update firmware on demo tag
  • Demo program files in HEX format for the demo tag to reprogram the tag
  • Eagle files for development of your own demo tag
  • Example user program for developing software for demo tag with libraries for CRC and RFID protocols
  • PDF documentation files
  • Example of reader software for TAGScan reader
  • 1 IAIK demo tag

Further Information:

Please contact us at for further details and questions!



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