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iSaSiLk 5.105 released!


iSaSiLk 5.105 Maintenance release fixes some ECC related issues.

New Versions of our [CP]AdES, IAIK-CMS and IAIK-TSP libraries released!


New versions of our CMS based toolkits IAIK-CMS, IAIK-TSP and [CP]AdES are now available for download! [CP]AdES now supports CAdES/PAdES LTA level signatures, Content Time Stamp and Archive Time Stamp (v3) Validation according to the most recent ETSI EN 319 122-1 and TS 101 733 standards.


Our Clients


We provide several demos for our various toolkits. Each toolkit includes several demos with source code. Developers can run them on their systems. In addition, we also provide demos on our web-site. This includes demo applets, demo servlets or complete demo services. You can test most of them directly via the Internet with your web browser. For some of the demos, you can directly download the source-code. Below you find links to these online demos.


This servlet can test the SSL/TLS capabilities of HTTPS clients (web browsers) and servers (web servers).

TSP Toolkit

There is a TSP server running which acts as a TSA (timestamping authority) for testing purposes.

PKCS#11 Provider

This servlet signs the content of URLs using the XML Signature standard. The XML Signature is prepared using the IXSIL toolkit, but the actual signature value is calculated in an HSM (hardware security module) from Eracom.

This applet signs fixed demo data ("This is some data to be signed.") using the configured PKCS#11 module and PKCS#11 wrapper native library.

A-SIT Demos

 Various demos on the A-SIT (Secure Information Technology Center - Austria) web (in german).


 PETRA is a Protocol Evaluation Tool for RFID Applications. The simulated protocols conform
 the ISO/IEC 18000 standard. This page provides a demo version of the software with reduced functionality.


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