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Christmas Release


One day before Christmas we have released new versions of our SSL/TLS library iSaSiLk and our XML Security Toolkit IAIK-XSECT!

IAIK-JCE 5.60 and IAIK [CP]AdES 2.4 released!


IAIK-JCE 5.60 introduces a "subsidiary" provider as workaround for fixing a JDK JSSE MessageDigest Cloneable bug. IAIK [CP]AdES 2.4 fixes a bug in the AtsHashIndexv3 ASN.1 representation.


Our Clients

General Sales Information

Please read these instructions in order to better understand our licensing system and to order the right licenses for your needs.

We are also happy to answer any questions you might still encounter, please e-mail us: 

 1. About the different licenses you can purchase from us:

IAIK Product Bundles

We have now introduced a new bundle system which should make it easier for you to choose the right products for your needs. These bundles have now been created according to the different needs we experience when talking with our customers.
Nevertheless, you still have the flexibility to add any additional product to your chosen bundle in case you need one or more specific items.

 Developer Licenses 

Our IAIK product bundles and all add ons are available as a single developer or an unlimited developer version. You need developer licenses in relation to the number of developers working with your application. 1 developer = 1 single developer license, 2 developers = 1 single developer license + 1 additional license etc. An unlimited developer license allows you to have as many developers as you wish. See all toolkit prices here.
Please also see our special reductions and freebies below!

 Server and Runtime licenses 

In short you need these licenses if you plan to redistribute the application where IAIK products have been used. If the application is run on a server you will need server license(s). If it is run as a service (“SaaS”) or on PC(-s) you will need runtime license(s). There again is the option of buying unlimited server and/or runtime licenses, so you don't need to calculate the number of servers / PC(-s). See prices here.

(Please notice that you are NOT allowed to redistribute our full toolkits as they are to any third parties without having a special license agreement!)

 Support Points 

Support points are available to all our clients who own a toolkit license and are within the download period of one year. Support is given on email basis by the developers of IAIK software. It is calculated using support points. Please read all information regarding support here.

 2. Download period and license renewal (or maintenance) 

The software licenses enable you to download all available versions of updates for one year. This means that during the one year period you can download any updates of the purchased products and take part in our support programme. After the period of one year, you can prolong the download period (i.e. buy maintenance). For this renewal we grant you a renewal discount. If the renewal is done 2 months after the end of the download period at the latest, you will receive 25% reduction. If you do not wish to prolong, you are still allowed to use the downloaded versions as long as you want.

 3. JCE is required in any purchase.  

 The minimum order amount is an IAIK JCE basic license. OR you can order any of our bundle licenses which always include an IAIK JCE basic license.

All our IAIK products are built as 'add-ons' to the JCE library and all of them require JCE for their functionality. Accordingly, our licensing system always includes - according to the bundle you want to purchase - at least one IAIK JCE baisc license. Please see this link for pricing details of JCE.

     5. REDUCTIONS! 

  • On the purchase of license renewal (maintenance) - from the second license year onwards - you will receive a 25% discount, if we receive your order at the latest two months after the end of the download period for new versions!
  • When you are purchasing more than 1 bundle, we will grant a discount from the second bundle onwards (reduction for the first single developer license: € 500, for each additional single developer license: € 100, for unlimited developer licenses: € 8000).

    6. FOR FREE! 

  • The first single developer license for any product bundle or JCE toolkit includes 10 runtime licenses, 1 server license, and 20 support points valid for the silver support programme! Additional single developer licenses include 5 runtime licenses and 5 support points each!
  • When you purchase unlimited developer licenses, unlimited runtime and server licenses are included, and also 100 support points valid for the silver support programme. Furthermore, you get a copy of the source code for inspection purposes only (but no rights are transferred in this way).

 Please also read our commercial License Conditions!
 See our Frequently Asked Questions for further information!


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