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iSaSiLk 5.107 released!


iSaSiLk 5.107 has improved its countermeasure against variants of the PKCS#1 Bleichenbacher attack and adds support for the Application Layer Protocol Negotiation (ALPN) extension!

IAIK-JCE 5.5 released!


IAIK-JCE 5.5 fixes a signature algorithm name incompatibility in JSSE algorithm constraint checking, implements SHA-3 based signature and HMAC algorithms, and adds throughout support for using the IAIK provider without the necessity of installing it within the JCA/JCE Security framework.


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How many server licenses do I need?


How many server licenses do I need?


This depends. Basically, you require one license for each server your software is installed on. The number of server licences you need depends on the number of server names that hosts your application and the number of processors of the physical machine. If your server application is accessible through one server name which runs on one physical machine having one processor, 1 server licence of IAIK is enough. If you have more server names or more processors, the number of server licences you need is the number of server names multiplied with the number of processors. The number of Java™ virtual machines does not matter. If you have only one developer working with one of our IAIK toolkits, one developer licence is enough. For developer licenses, only the number of developers who work with the IAIK toolkit counts.

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