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IAIK-JCE 5.52 and iSaSiLk 5.2 released!


The new versions of IAIK-JCE and iSaSiLk follow up the recently released new version of IAIK-ECCelerateTM (5.0). IAIK-JCE 5.52 brings some fixes and additions, and iSaSiLk 5.2 adds support for x25519 and x448 ECDHE key exchange and EdDSA signing using Curve25519 and Curve448. Furthermore iSaSiLk now supports RSA-PSS signatures.

ECCelerate 5.0 released!


We proudly present a new maintenance release of our IAIK ECCelerate™ elliptic curve library! Version 5.0 adds support EdDSA using Curve25519 and Curve448, ECDH using X25519 and X448, and RFC6979. IAIK ECCelerate™ is based on Java 6 technology and has been thoroughly optimized for speed. Currently, it supports ECDSA, EdDSA, ECDH, X25519/448, ECIES and optionally ECMQV.


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IAIK ECCelerate™ v5.0 Release - 12. July 2018

Class or Package

Bug/ChangeNew Feature

Description and Examples


Add support for EdDSA using curves Ed25519 and Ed448 (RFC8032). Since some proposed RFCs are not finalized at the time of the release, we consider the current implementation as experimental. Please note that OneAsymmetricKey-encoded private keys containing the corresponding public key are only supported if IAIK JCE 5.52 or newer is used. Some interfaces might change in the future, so we recommend to follow the examples in the tutorial to be unaffected by future changes in the interface.


Add support for X25519 and X448. We note that comments regarding EdDSA support also apply here.


Add support for deterministic signing (RFC6979).


Add method to evaluate pairing products more efficiently.



Fix Specification-Version of JAR files.


Fix hashToPoint() producing points outside the group for some Barreto-Naehrig curves.*ScalarMultiplier


Fix incorrect points returned for large scalars when using the Comb scalar multipliers.



Since EdDSA and X25519/X448 require features from newer IAIK JCE versions, ECCelerate now depends on IAIK JCE 5.51 or later.

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