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iSaSiLk 5.107 released!


iSaSiLk 5.107 has improved its countermeasure against variants of the PKCS#1 Bleichenbacher attack and adds support for the Application Layer Protocol Negotiation (ALPN) extension!

IAIK-JCE 5.5 released!


IAIK-JCE 5.5 fixes a signature algorithm name incompatibility in JSSE algorithm constraint checking, implements SHA-3 based signature and HMAC algorithms, and adds throughout support for using the IAIK provider without the necessity of installing it within the JCA/JCE Security framework.


Our Clients

Small-area NIST B-163 ECC Module

  • Fully tested using an ASIC and an FPGA design-flow
  • FIPS PUB 186-3 Digital Signature Standard compliant
  • AMBA Advanced Peripheral Bus (APB) as interconnection to other modules
  • Fully based on Registers (no Latches or RAM macros were used)
  • Area between 10kGE and 16kGE; Runtime between 336kCycles and 34kCycles; fully scalable.
  • Operating frequency: > 100MHz using an 130nm process
  • Any design characteristics can be easily defined using an well tested design flow

Further technical, sales, and pricing information:

Please contact for any further information.


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