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Christmas Release


One day before Christmas we have released new versions of our SSL/TLS library iSaSiLk and our XML Security Toolkit IAIK-XSECT!

IAIK-JCE 5.60 and IAIK [CP]AdES 2.4 released!


IAIK-JCE 5.60 introduces a "subsidiary" provider as workaround for fixing a JDK JSSE MessageDigest Cloneable bug. IAIK [CP]AdES 2.4 fixes a bug in the AtsHashIndexv3 ASN.1 representation.


Our Clients

IAIK-JCE 5.0 Christmas Release at Christmas prices!


We proudly announce the release of IAIK-JCE 5.0. Version 5.0 brings along several new hash algorithms:

  • Groestl-224, Groestl-256, Groestl-384, and Grostl-512,
  • BLAKE-224, BLAKE-256, BLAKE-384, and BLAKE-512,
  • JH-224, JH-256, JH-384, and JH-512,
  • Keccak-224, Keccak-256, Keccak-384, and Keccak-512,
  • Skein-224, Skein-256, Skein-384, and Skein-512,
  • SHA-224/512, SHA-256/512, and
  • GOST-3411

Furthermore it offers a native AES implementation using Intel's new AES-NI extensions, new MAC algorithms (CBCMac/AES, CBCMac/DESede,CBCMac/DES, HMAC/GOST-3411), password management facilities (generator, strength checker, store) as well as overall stability improvements.

 See the IAIK-JCE product page and visit our download center to get the new version.

We are so proud of our newest features and we want everbody to be able to benefit from them! Therefor we decided, in the spirit of Christmas, to offer

Special Christmas prices!

From now on until January, 15th, we offer special price conditions for our customers and all those who want to join them.

- If you already had acquired some licenses in the past, but currently have no rights to a free update to version 5.0 and to benefit from the newest additions, you now have the opportunity to renew your expired licenses with a 25% price reduction to the list prices!

- If you still have valid licenses (and thus can update for free to 5.0), you can also benefit: renew now for a full extra year and we will grant you an additional 10% extra to the renewal prices (already reduced by 25%)!

- If you are a new customer to IAIK/SIC, you will get a special 10% price reduction (up to a maximum of Euro 500), if you order until January 15th!

All offers are valid from now until January, 15th (and will be deducted manually, thus not show up in the automated ordering process)!

This is the last opportunity to get our famous crypto libraries at (no, even below!!) the current prices. Unfortunately we will need to adapt our prices by the end of January 2012.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!
We are looking forward to hearing from you in the new year!

 Kind regards
 Your SIC/IAIK Java Security Team!

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