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[iaik-ssl]cu|| Verify signeddata created with CAPICOM


I´ve sign a document using the CAPICOM, and it returns a PKCS#7, but when
I´m trying to verify with IAIK classes, said that isn´t the correct sign.
I can get the signedData from the PKCS#7 and Microsoft say that it´s
encripted using RSA. (also the signedInfo object say the same). In other
side, I´ve seen a Cipher class, and in it documenttation there are explian 7
modes of RSA. 
Also I´ve used as model the example TestContentInfo.java and the
getSignedData() method, but tell me the same, the sign it´s wrong.

Does anybody knows what mode I must use to verify CAPICOM sign? Does anybody
do it before? Can anybody help me? I´m block with it !!!

Thanks Awards

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