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[iaik-ssl]cu|| Intermittent SSL connections from an Applet

I'm trying to get a signed applet to communicate with my server, but the
SSL connection is nearly always being terminated after the handshake
(the last messages output by the ssl layer are "Sending
change_ccipher_spec message, Sending finished message", then connection
reset by peer: JVM_recv, as if the server shut down the connection).

I installed the stack overflow workaround (putting the IAIK provider
second).  But now it seems that 90% of the time, the applet can not
establish a server connection (I'm using the jdk1.3_rc02 plugin for w32,
with OBJECT and EMBED tags in the html).

None of this is an issue from normal java application code (the
application can connect every time).  The applet and the application are
using the same application-level connection code.  I've set the applet
up with a "reconnect" button that re-attempts the connection; after 10
or so tries, it'll finally connect.

Any clues as to what's going on here?  I'm using mico+openssl on the
server side, jacorb + iaik on the client side.

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