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[iaik-ssl]cu|| Verifying jar files and self signed certificates


I am doing some work on mobile agent technology. I am
using Grasshopper platform for the deployment of
mobile agents. 

My objective is to is to allow only signed mobile
agents to enter a particular place(host)within
grasshopper.I have managed to implement the external
security of grasshopper using iaik-jce and iaik-ssl.

What I really want to do is to create a policy
agent(stationary agent) in a particular place using
java. This policy agent should verify the signed
mobile agent that is trying to enter that particular

My knowledge of java is basic and I am having a
difficulty in deciding which class and method that
will allow the policy agent to verify the visiting
agent which I have signed using self certificate and
jar file.

I have looked at the classes in the iaik web site but
I could not determine which is the right one for my
case. I wonder if you could advise me on a particular
class that I can use. 

Thank you in advance for your time.


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