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[iaik-ssl]cu|| OCSP data transfer on SSL

Hi all,

I am using OCSP over SSL. I am using the sample
SSLServer.java and SSLClient.java for this purpose.
Because eventually i have to read OCSP request from
the coming socket at Server side so i used the same
code as it is available in IAIK-JCE sample demo. I am
pasting that code here too.

      iaik.utils.LineInputStream in = new

      String line;
      line = in.readLine();
      StringTokenizer token = new
StringTokenizer(line, " ");
      String method = token.nextToken();
      System.out.println("Received request from " +
socket.getInetAddress() + ":");
      boolean invalidRequest = false;
        line = in.readLine();
        if (line != null)
          line = line.toLowerCase();
          if (line.startsWith("content-type") &&
(line.indexOf("application/ocsp-request") == -1))
            invalidRequest = true;
          if (line.startsWith("http-version"))
            str_ReturnProtocol =
            System.out.println("KNOCK KNOCK -> The
protocol is " + str_ReturnProtocol);
      while( (line != null) && (line.length() != 0) );

But this is not working here in SSLserver.java when it
receives OCSP request from some client.[Currently i am
using SSLClient.java to send OCSP request]. The
problem is that this loop never ends and also that it
reads the request data within the loop and starts
waiting at line.readLine() function call, i don't know
for what data it does wait for. Any idea ? or any
working sample in which data being transfered over SSL
is OCSP request ??? ... Thanks in advance for your

Best Regards
Nick Karamer
Senior Software Architect

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