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RE: [iaik-ssl] Public Key For X509Certificates

have a look at the demo demo.pkcs.pkcs11.GenerateKeyPair of the PKCS#11 wrapper. at the end of this demo, you can see how to convert the public key that you get from the wrapper into a public key for Java.

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Subject: [iaik-ssl] Public Key For X509Certificates

Hi all,
I am generating and saving my Keys [public and private] in HSM. In my software i generate PKCS10 request for my certificate to be generated from a CA. I get the Public key from HSM but i can not save that in PKCS10 request becuase JAva class for Key in HSM is entirely different from the Java class for Public Key in X509Certificate. How can i convert public key in HSM to PublicKey class in X509Certificate. or if i have to save Pubic key in HSM how can i save it in PublicKey member of X509Certificate class.
Nick Karamer.