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Re: [iaik-ssl] How to obtain a certificate chain

Hi Nauman,
Thanks for your help.
But my question is in the step one, // Assign the certificate part.
In order to use the ChainVerifier class, one MUST have a chain of
certificate first, right? My problem is that when I get an input
certificate, I need to get the chain for that certificate.  And just
how exactly would I do that??
-- Lei

At 03:27 AM 11/30/2001 +0000, Nauman Ahmad Khan wrote:

You have to do following steps for that.

1- First you must have the chain you want to verify, say
   X509Certificate [] certChain = new X509Certificate[SIZE];
   // Assign the certificate  <----- ???????????? How
   If your certificates are not in arrangement, i mean from lowest end user
cert to the top CA certificate then you can do this like
   X509Certificate [] arrangedCertChain =
iaik.utils.Util.arrangeCertificateChain(certChain, false);

2- Then You can write the code like this to verify the chain
SimpleChainVerifier objChainVerifier=new SimpleChainVerifier();

where trustedCerts is set of certificate with which you want to check the
certificate chain should link to complete the certificate path. Then you
have to call a function
objChainVerifier.verifyChain(arrangedCertChain );

IF there is any kind of error, this function will throw an exception,
otherwise your chain is verified.

Hope it helps

Cheers and Have a Good Time
Nauman Ahmad Khan
Senior Software Architect
Ascertia Group

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Subject: [iaik-ssl] How to obtain a certificate chain
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>I need to verify a certificate chain using ChainVerifier class. But don't
>I need to get the chain of certificate for an input certificate? Then
>how could I get the chain of certificates for a particular certificate?
>Thanks in advance.
>-- Lei Gu

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