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AW: [iaik-ssl] SSLClient Demo doesn't work: Exception during handshake


first, thanks for your hints.

Dieter Bratko wrote:

> However, your handshake with verisign already fails during
> the hello messages which has not been observed so far.
> Perhaps the none of the cipher suites offered by your client
> is supported by Verisign´s HTTPS server.

Hum. But what do I have to change then? I'm using IAIK's JCE
and iSaSiLk 3.03 evaluation and am trying to get one of your
examples running (the SSLClient class). Where's the problem?
The other libs I'm evaluating right now (Sun and RSA) work
without any problem at all. The Phaos SSLava libs fails as well
with its supplied demo code though.

I haven't got a clue what to change to get any further...


  Marcus Olk

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