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[iaik-ssl] Response Receiving Problems

I am facing two issues here.

1- The class HttpOCSPRequest is not working fine. When i call its function 
postRequest in the way

      URL url = new URL(responderUrl);
      HttpOCSPRequest httpOCSPRequest = new HttpOCSPRequest(url);
      int responseCode = httpOCSPRequest.postRequest(ocspRequest);

The server side receives the data[ i have implemented Server side my-self], 
processes it and sends a valid response back[ i have checked its validity at 
server side before sending it] But the function postRequest returns nothing 
but a NullPointerException. What is its reason. I then tested this with Demo 
OCSP Responder and demo HttpOCSPClient, but it is giving the same 
NullPointerException even when i have not written a single line of code of 
mine and using all code from IAIK demos.

2- When i connect CertCo Outlook plugin with Demo IAIK OCSP Responder, it 
returns the headers but no complete response is there. I have attached the 
sampe response output screen here for reference. When i try to connect 
CertCo Outlook plugin, it returns the same error as with IAIK OCSP Server. I 
have really been unable to solve this problem so far. Can any one help ? 
Urgent help will be really appreciated.


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