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[iaik-ssl] Creating Custom CipherSuite


Is the following code the right way to create a custom, private, 
CipherSuite that uses Rijndael?

        CipherSuite x = new CipherSuite("SSL_RSA_WITH_RIJNDAEL_CBC_SHA", 
// Cipher Suite Name
                        "RSA",                           // Key Exchange 
                        "Rijndael/CBC/NoPadding",        // Cipher Algorithm
                        "SHA",                           // Hashing 
                        0x0000FF01,                      // CipherSuite ID
                        32,                              // size of 
symmetric key in bytes
                        1024)                            // 
Initialisation Vector Size

I am in particular confused about the ciphersuite ID, as the JavaDoc 
insists that there are two fields, id1 and id2 which are bytes, yet the 
constructor takes an int. I have set it to FF (for private) followed by 
"01" for the first private CipherSuite.

Also is that a sensible IV size?

Thanks for any help.


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