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[iaik-ssl] SSL-Performance


we are going to use the isasilk library for SSL-Communication. Our problem is
that the request response time (including SSL handshake) lasts over 6 seconds
(same communication over http about 0.5 seconds). We are using 1024 bit RSA and
DES. Computing time on the client and the server is around 0.3 seconds. We are
looking for solutions to reduce this latency down to 4 seconds. Can you give us
some hints how we could do that? Is it possible to store the public key directly
on the client so that we don't have to do the whole SSL-handshake and getting
the certificate from the server? Is it possible that we modify the ISASILK
library somehow? How else can we reduce the latency?

Thank you in advance

Pius Ziegler

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