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[iaik-ssl] SSLSocket.close() deadlock


We're having a major problem with our SSL server using IAIK 4 and 3.  I'll
explain the situation below and hope someone can help us ASAP.

For reasons beyond the scope of this email, we cannot set socket timeout
values.  So we have to start a new thread with a reference to the active SSL
socket and have it perform a timing operation.  If the timeout is reached
and the read or write operation is not complete, this new thread will
attempt to do a socket.close() on the active thread that's reading or
writing to the socket.  

What we're seeing is that if the read or write operation of the first thread
blocks, and when the second thread tries to call socket.close() on that same
socket, both threads end up in a locked state.  This seems to happen on both
the beta 4 release of iSasilk (JSSE) as well as the 3.x release version.  

If this is not the recommended way of closing a blocked socket (again, we
cannot use the socket timeout parameter), then how do we close it?  I can
provide more details if you feel this explanation is inadequate.  Thanks in
advance and hope to hear from someone soon...


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