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[iaik-ssl] thread-safety of truststore implementation

I have 2 threads of execution "interested" in the state of the truststore,
'jssecacerts'. One thread writes to the file; the other thread reads from
the file. Unfortunately, the 2 threads may be running at the same time and
the latter thread is under control of the IAIK library, n'est-ce pas?  I am
concerned that the distinct in-memory copies of the truststore will go out
of sync as time passes.
Must I extend the security provider and expose a truststore that registers
3rd party listeners who are more than curious about writes to the truststore
and delegates 99% of functionality to the IAIK truststore implementation?
I would like to know if others have thought about this concurrency mgmt
battle. One would have liked to assume that the truststore is constant, but
in my brave new world of Service Location Protocol [http://www.openslp.org]
friendly components, the set of entities that you trust changes over time
and the server software [byte-willing] is expected to live long and prosper.

Hope to hear from you soon,
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