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[iaik-ssl] ISASILK & smartcards


  I want to use iaik libs with smartcard. There is some info in
  documentation of IsaSilk, how to use it with smartcard, but it too

  So there are 4 steps there:

  1. Get yourself a smartcard
  I did it:)

  2. Get yourself a JCE 1.2 compliant API to access the card...
  3. Write and activate your own SecurityProvider...
  4. Write your application.

  As I understand 2 and 3 steps, I can extends my security provider
  from for example iaik.security.ssl.SecurityProvider There I must
  rewrite getCipher() where call my own Cipher yes?
  And my Cipher class I can extends from iaik.javax.crypto.Cipher
  where rewrite function doFinal, wich will call my own functions
  generating signature ?
  But I can't rewrite doFinal - because its final :)

  So, I understand something in wrong way... Can you show me my
Best regards,
Andrey Savitsky
andrey.s@br.by | http://br.by

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