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[iaik-ssl] SignedContent and PrivateKey

    Hi all.

    I'm sending SMIME messages. When define a SignedContent insert
PrivateKey and Certificates with setSigner() method.
    Is PrivateKey stored in SignedContent or is only used to sign de
    When Transport.send() method is called, SignedContent with
PrivateKey is transmited?, I don't think so¡¡

    really I only want to know if can send a SignedContent object
between two entities and if travel the PrivateKey object inside

    Where can I see this process?

    Thanks a lot, Gabi

Gabriel López Millán
Facultad de Informática -Universidad de Murcia
30001 Murcia - España (Spain)
Telf: +34-968-364644 E-mail: gabilm@dif.um.es

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