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Re: AW: [iaik-ssl] ExtractKeys Bug? Exception- String index out of range: -61

Dieter Bratko wrote:

> there was a bug with Windows Traditional Chinese encoding which should have
> been fixed with JDK1.3 (see
> http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.3/fixedbugs/char_encodings.html)

I WAS in fact using JDK1.3 on Win98. But I guess it might be a
JDK bug as you said and so switched to NT4.0 plus a JDK1.3 reinstall.
It worked. (I actually tried MANY hours with J2SE, v 1.3 for Linux,
Release Candidate but never got it run w/o those exceptions.)

Thanks, Dieter!


* BTW, some people might have similar problem as I had when trying to
  get the public key from a openssl apache (which has a self-signed
  cert). I solved it by feeding the server.crt to ExtractKeys:

  java ExtractKeys ..\demo\PublicKeyStore.java -rsa:server.crt

  Jichang Tan
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  Web: http://taurus.csie.isu.edu.tw/~jctan
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