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Re: [iaik-ssl] Hw to do client authentication only?

Andreas Sterbenz wrote:
> ...
> Getting back to the original question, client-only authentication is not
> specified in the SSL/TLS protocol. Assuming you are using iSaSiLk (or
> some other product with this feature) on both ends of the connection you
> can somewhat achieve the equivalent by manually reversing the client and
> server roles using setUseClientMode().

Ok, it seems a bit unwieldy, but alright. However, I run into 
a deadlock when trying to do it like this:

	Client					Server

					ss = new SSLServerSocket();
					SSLSocket ssock = (SSLSocket)s.accept();
SSLServerContext cctx = new ...()
SSLSocket csock = new SSLSocket(..., cctx);


Using this setting, both sides print:
					ssl_debug(1): Accepted connection from
ssl_debug(1): Starting handshake...	ssl_debug(1): Starting handshake...

and the system stalls. If I omit the last call on the client side,
the server complains: 

ssl_debug(1): Accepted connection from troll/
ssl_debug(1): Starting handshake...
ssl_debug(1): SSLException while handshaking: Invalid SSL message, peer
seems to be talking plain!
ssl_debug(1): Sending alert: Alert Fatal: handshake failure
ssl_debug(1): Shutting down SSL layer...
ssl_debug(1): Shutting down SSL layer...
iaik.security.ssl.SSLException: Invalid SSL message, peer seems to be
talking plain!
        at iaik.security.ssl.p.g(Unknown Source)
        at iaik.security.ssl.r.e(Unknown Source)
        at iaik.security.ssl.f.c(Unknown Source)
        at iaik.security.ssl.f.f(Unknown Source)
        at iaik.security.ssl.r.c(Unknown Source)
        at iaik.security.ssl.SSLTransport.startHandshake(Unknown Source)
        at iaik.security.ssl.SSLTransport.getInputStream(Unknown Source)
        at iaik.security.ssl.SSLSocket.getInputStream(Unknown Source)

What is the right way to swap client and server roles?

Thanks, Gerald Brose.
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