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[iaik-ssl] RMI question


This is really a RMI question but I thought/hope someone on the list has 
been struggling with the same problem, so here I go.

I have a Java applet running in the Java plug-in. The applet is using RMI 
for the client-server communication, and iSaSiLk for securing the 

My goal is to communicate over one port only (port 443), so I removed the 
need for the RMI registry by using a MarshalledObject instead. it worked 
fine. I had to go over proxies so I modified the RMI proxy example that is 
in the iSaSiLk distribution, it worked fine. To be able to communicate over 
one port only I modified the SocketFactory in the example to return a 
socket assigned to port 443 all the time. This worked fine with proxies and 
everything when running as a standalone app, but when running inside the 
Java plug-in I got a "Socketfactory already defined" error. Now I tried to 
circumvent it by using UnicastRemoteObject.exportObject and export the 
object on a specified port, but this seems to work with the first remote 
object only, other remote objects is assigned to port numbers in the 
1200-1300 range.

Are there anyone that has a solution to my problem?


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