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Re: [iaik-ssl] Problems connecting to sites using VeriSign

I sniffed the packets going to/from port 443 and the results leave me
confused. I examined the certificates sent by the server in the ServerHello
message and, lo and behold, the top-level cert has indeed expired, or so it
appears. Yet somehow, both IE5 and Netscape 4.72 report the top-level cert
as expiring sometime in 2010. I need a clue.

 Greg Stark
Who?Vision Systems, Inc.

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Subject: [iaik-ssl] Problems connecting to sites using VeriSign

I read the post in the archives with subject "Problems connecting to sites
using VeriSign" because I had the exact same problem. The response said that
in fact the Verisign certificate was expired, but when I went to the
https://www.verisign.com:443 with IE5 and examined the certificates from
IE5's interface, both of the certificates in the hierarchy appeared to be

 Greg Stark

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