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Re: [iaik-ssl] Problem sending data to an OpenSSL .9.4 server

>I'm using IAIK-iSaSilk 3.0 along with IAIK-JCE 2.51 to talk to an
>OpenSSL .9.4 server with NO_IDEA, NO_RC5, NO_RSA options on the
>OpenSSL server.  I am able to complete the SSL handshake successfully
>(see below for debug stream) but when I send data the OpenSSL server
>only receives 512 bytes.  I've tried sending 520 bytes and 776 bytes
>and the server only receives the first 512 bytes.  I don't have access
>to the server source as the server is being hosted by another company.


It turns out that there is a problem on the server end which has
been resolved.  The server actually worked fine with their
OpenSSL clients transferring megabytes of data, but apparently my
Java client exposed a problem in their use of the OpenSSL API.


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