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[iaik-ssl] Newbie Demo questions

I am running the basic demo programs (SSLServer and SSLClient) and I
wanted to confirm/ask questions about the behavior I saw:

1)  SSLClient does not appear to initialize the keystore - even when I
uncomment the "DemoUtil.setClientCertificates(context)" line in the
SSLClient.java file.  Does this make sense?

2)  There appear to be no trusted certificates in the keystore that
results from executing demo.SetupKeyStore.  Thus chain_verifier never
finds a trusted certificate.

3)  For some reason, SSLClient does not respond with a certificate after
receiving a "certificate_request" message from the server?  Evidently,
the client could not find a certificate (regardless of whether
"DemoUtil.setClientCertificates(context)" is commented out in
SSLClient.java)  has the demo deliberately been set up to work this way
or am I missing something obvious?



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