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AW: [iaik-ssl] "can't parse PublicKeyInfo" CertificateException in handshake


Can you provide a source sample and the URL of the server you are connecting
What are your classpath settings? What JCE version do you use?

Dieter Bratko

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Betreff: [iaik-ssl] "can't parse PublicKeyInfo" CertificateException in


when we do connect to a HTTPS server, we get a
"can"t parse PublicKeyInfo" java.security.cert.CertificateException
during the handshake (no client authentication is required). We got
the same error when connecting to 2 different servers.

Guess this is a classic error but I can't find any info about it in the
archives or API.
We don't have the root CA of the server cert in advance, does it
have anything to do with this? I'm using iSaSiLk 3.0 on WNT.

Greetings, Stef

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