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[iaik-ssl] decrypt with public key???


I use in iSaSiLk v3.0 my own subclass of iaik.security.ssl.IaikProvider, and have 
overridden (a.o.) getCipher() to print out the arguments to see what's going on.
In the SSL handshake, at the client certificate verification by the server, with
a cipher suite using RSA, a Cipher object is requested with algorithm
set to "RSA/ECB/PKCS1Padding/Verify", mode set to Cipher.DECRYPT,
and as key a PublicKey object (the public key from the client's issuer). 

I do not see the logic here: why decrypt mode? How should I initialize an RSA 
cipher in decrypt mode with a public key? What exactly is iSaSiLk expecting
here from the provider's implementation of Cipher?

Benne de Weger

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