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[iaik-ssl] problem in getAttribute in iPlanet

Title: problem in getAttribute in iPlanet

<OS version = 2.6>Solaris</OS>
<jsdk version = 2.1></jsdk>
<Webserver version = 4.0 SP = 3> iPlanet </Webserver>

<Problem >
In our appication we are using getAttribute("javax.net.ssl.peer_certificates"). when i am using this function it is returning me null.

As per the specifications the function returns null if that attribute is not supported by the WebServer. I also tried the other two attributes

"javax.net.ssl.cipher_suite" and "javax.net.ssl.session". I am getting the same result for them. The iPlanet servlet implementation has

a function called getAttributeNames(). It gives an enumeration of all the existing attributes which the server supports. When I used this functoin

- it is returning me an Enumeration with zero elements in it.I am not being able to figure it out whether this is a bug or does that same attribute has got a different name ?

or what might be the other workaround.